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Sweet Dreams Luxury Dog Bed


The Sweet Dreams Bed ticks all the boxes and creates the optimum sleep experience for your dog. The sides offer a perfect rest for the head, while the mattress inside adapts perfectly to the dog’s body. Enjoy a fluffy side for your pup to stay warm on those winter nights, or flip the cushion for the summer side with a cooler material for maximum comfort.

The sustainable fabrics are completely waterproof and entirely removable. Don't worry about muddy paws or puppy accidents anymore: remove the cover and put it straight into your washing machine - it will be as good as new.

The fabric's components are strong and resistant which makes it very easy to remove doggy hair as well for those shedders out there.

Our brand new modern beds will offer the perfect space for your pup to snooze and dream (and just might give you back some space in your own bed too)

  • Waterproof
  • Summer/Winter reversible cushion for year-round comfort
  • Machine Washable