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Special Order A Puppy

If you are searching for a particular set of qualities in a puppy, we are pleased to offer a specialized ordering service to cater to your requirements. Simply provide us with details such as breed, size, gender, color, and desired characteristics, and we will take care of the rest. In case you are interested in placing an order for a specific breed or puppy that is not listed on our website, please follow the instructions below.


  1. To initiate a special order for your desired puppy, a $1000.00 deposit is mandatory. This deposit will be deducted from the final purchase price of your puppy. It is imperative to note that the final purchase price can vary significantly between breeds, sizes, characteristics, and rarity, ranging from $2,495 to over $8,500. Therefore, we recommend familiarizing yourself with our pricing before placing a deposit, as all deposits are non-refundable. Please complete the special-order deposit form (HERE) to submit your deposit. The credit card holder must sign the form.
  2. We kindly request that you submit the deposit form, accompanied by a copy of your driver's license and credit card (front and back), to the following email address: Thank you for your cooperation.
  3. We kindly request your patience as we diligently strive to locate the ideal puppy that meets your preferences. The timeframe for this process may vary from one week to several months, particularly for uncommon breeds, sizes, or colors that may require more extensive search efforts. To obtain an estimated timeframe for acquiring your desired puppy, we encourage you to reach out to us.
  4. After identifying a puppy that aligns with your stated preferences, we shall proceed to notify you promptly, providing pictures and videos of the pup for your review. Should you decide to proceed with the purchase, we will guide you through the process and finalize the transaction. However, if you find the puppy unsuitable, we shall continue searching for a suitable one based on your specifications.
  5. In the event that you wish to cancel your special order, we would like to inform you that you will be entitled to a store credit equivalent to the full amount of your deposit. It is worth noting that the store credit provided to you does not have an expiry date and can be utilized towards any purchase within the boutique, both online and in-store.

*We would like to inform you that we prioritize the safety and well-being of our puppies, and as such, we do not ship them in cargo due to safety concerns. Even reputable airlines such as Delta, United, and American Airlines have reported incidents of passengers' pets dying while in cargo. If you wish to acquire one of our puppies, we offer a safe and reliable hand-delivery service, and we encourage you to thoroughly understand the associated costs before placing a deposit. To obtain further details on our hand-delivery service to your nearest major airport, kindly contact us at 1-517-945-9143.