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Folding Fabric Dog Playpen - Grey-Brown


With this versatile, portable, eight-panel Folding Fabric Playpen, it’s a breeze to take your pet with you when you go to work, visit friends or relatives, or enjoy fun outdoor activities. Just set up your pet’s very own private, personal home-away-from-home anywhere convenient – indoors or outdoors – in just a few seconds, and he/she will feel safe, comfortable, and ready to play or sleep.

Small: 36″ x 36″ x 19.5″ tall
Large: 46″ x 46″ x 20.5″ tall

Ideal for:

  • A new puppy/kitten that needs to stay close to you for some extralove, care and attention
  • A dog competing in a show – it will calm down as you prepare it in thissafe, private, familiar environment
  • Training centers and dog hotels where dogs need their own quiet,undisturbed space

The playpen:

  • Is simple to set up, and folds flat in seconds
  • Has a detachable top mesh and bottom panel for maximum flexibility
  • Has stake straps that secure it to the ground when you set it up outdoors
  • Has a removable, washable, and replaceable bottom panel
  • Comes with convenient side pockets for extra storage, plus a strap soyou can attach a water bottle
  • Is light-weight, so it’s easy to fold up and store away in its carry-bag(included in the price) when not in use – perfect if you don’t have lotsof space in your home