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Twinkle Dog Bathrobe


There is nothing more pleasant than rolling up in a smooth and cozy robe after a swim or a bath. Quickly dry your puppy off and keep him warm after any water time with this 100% cotton toweling. The cute wink design on the back adds a fun touch to any stay-at-home day.

Be ready for the most luxurious pet-spa experience...

Bath times will be filled with joy! Moshiqa offers you the most exquisite bathrobe collection ever created for beloved animal companions. Fur babies will love to relax with their luxurious Moshiqa Bathrobe and can not wait for the next bath time.

Moshiqa Twinkle Bathrobe inspires you to have a joyful bath time! Twinkle Bathrobe is created with the most absorbent, 100% natural cotton soft toweling. This feature is embellished with a funny, mischievous design. The cute wink pattern on the back of Twinkle adds a fun touch to any water time or a stay-at-home day. Your beloved pet will quickly dry and feels warm after any water time.