Star Multi-Puzzle Snuffle Mat | Challenge Level 3

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Star multi-puzzle snuffle mat | challenge level 3.
Size : 28 in x 28 in | 71 cm x 71 cm
Material: soft fleece upper with an anti-skid bottom
Star-shaped design
Soft fleece outer
Anti-slip bottom Hidden pockets on 5 corners for enhanced complexity
10 min of snuffle mat activity is equivalent to 1 hour of running, it tires your pet
Acts as a slow feeder too
Caution & care:
Note: these snuffle mats, though sturdy and durable are not indestructible and are not recommended for chewers.
Suitability:  complex with 3+ puzzles recommended for highly smart and energetic dogs, recuperating young dogs and large dogs across ages. Also recommended for dogs who would love to graduate from level 2. 

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