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Small PAWD® | Modern Collapsible Plastic Dog & Pet Crate


• Easily collapsible

• The door is designed to stay open

• Lightweight

• Built-in handle for easy carry

• Beautifully designed nesting space

• Safe, no sharp edges or corners

• Made out of ABS plastic, BPA and toxin-free

Meet PAWD®, KindTail’s first product, which revolutionized the out-of-date pet crates by creating a comfortable, stylish, and versatile nesting space that easily integrates into modern homes. PAWD® is an easily collapsible, safe, and lightweight nesting space that provides the coziest space for your fur baby.

Measures: 21 L x 16 H x 15.75 W in

Collapsed: 21 L x 3.5 H x 15.75 W in

Weighs: 7 lbs

Size is small

- PAWD will work for pets around 5 lbs to 15 lbs. But this depends on your pet's proportions. For instance, an 8 lbs miniature Greyhound would not fit PAWD, because she might be too tall.