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Holiday Tartan Plaid Teacup Dog Harness Vest | 2 LBS to 6 LBS


Cloak & dawggie Holiday Tartan Teacup Dog Harness Vest.

The Tiny Dog Vest Harness Red Tartan Plaid.  

Easy and flattering vest style for teacup tiny dogs from 2 LBS - 6 LBS.  Poly Nylon Tarten Plaid tirmmed with Velvet, lined with air mesh and constructed with a soft inner filler.  Easy to apply, great for dexterity issues - simple, clean, modern.

Tartan Plaid Collection. Available with matching leash and optional skirt to attach to the harness to make a festive harness dress set.  

* TINY DOGS AND CATS too! A pet vest harness designed for teacup dogs, small dogs & puppies. Also great for cats!