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Dog Hoodie Sweatshirt


Moshiqa’s upscale Ready to Wear Wardrobe has so many dazzling pieces for your fur babies and warm-up them when the cold comes...

Fur babies need an extra layer just like you do when it's getting colder outside. Cold weathers won't be a problem for your precious dog, because every piece of the Moshiqa Fall/Winter Collection is designed to protect your baby from the cold and keep their glam & style on top, in a coziest way!

I Woof U Black Hoodie is the next level of pet clothing... It combines the high-quality comfy texture with elevated street style. This hoodie looks so chic with the embossed I Woof U sign on its back and its checkered & neon hoodie ties draw attention to the unique design. When its thick fabric protects your dog from cold, the cutest hoodie looks incredibly paw’some on your buddy’s head too.