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BoxDog Christmas Tree Foraging Mat for Dogs and Cats | IQ Building Snuffle Mat | Christmas Tree Pet Snuffle Mat


Encourage your dog or cat's natural foraging instincts with our unique snuffle mats. You can use your foraging mat to slow down your dog or cat's eating for weight management or daily puzzle activities. Our gorgeous mats have been tested and approved by thousands of dogs and cats in our BoxDog and BoxCat subscription boxes. 

Size 22x16"

* ❤️ ANIMALS LOVE TO FORAGE: Encourage natural foraging instincts by hiding treats and letting your pet find them!

* 🍪 HIDE TREATS: Each mat contains hundreds of places to hide treats for your pet!

* 🐕 BUILD IQ: Increase your pet's IQ by creating puzzles within your foraging mat.

* 📦 TESTED AND APPROVED: Thousands of BoxDog and BoxCat subscription box members love our foraging mats!

* 🧺 MACHINE WASHABLE: Don't worry about crumbs, just throw it in the wash!