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Belle Shower Towel


There is nothing more pleasant than rolling up in a smooth and cozy robe after a swim or a bath. Quickly dry your puppy off and keep him warm after any water time with this 100% cotton toweling. The elegant design and floral pattern give a French twist we love.

Bath times will be filled with joy! Moshiqa offers you the most exquisite spa collection ever created for beloved animal companions. Fur babies will love to relax with their luxurious Moshiqa Towels and can not wait for the next bath time.

Moshiqa makes your pet-bath routines so much easier! Belle Bath Towel is the fanciest pet towel that you’ll ever see. This hooded towel-wear is inspired by the fierce fur-babies. The elegant design of the Belle Towel gives a sophisticated style twist and reminiscence of French vibes. The edges are embellished with handcrafted floral patterns edges and this feature makes Belle Bath Towel elegantly glamorous.