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LED Dog Collar


LED dog collar.

When the winter months roll in and it starts to get darker earlier, but both you and your buddy still intend to stick to your evening walks, it can sometimes get a little tricky to keep track of them when they dart in and out of bushes. In these situations you need an LED dog collar to help you keep track of them regardless of the provision of daylight.

Our LED dog collars are not only great for keeping your pooch safe, but do so without breaking the bank. By using high-quality fibre optics and a substantial metal loop for lead attachment, this LED dog collar ensures that no matter what mischief they get up, you can keep track of them using the three easy-to-see flash settings.

Available in a range of different colours: blue, green, red, pink, and orange.

Neck Circumference:

Small: 330mm - 400mm

Medium: 360mm - 450mm

Large: 390mm - 500mm

Please note that if your pet damages the LED dog collar or it has been heavily used, this will affect your return rights.